Jayashali Mr. P D Sundar Rao
Director, Bible Open University India International
The one and only challenging international dynamic speaker who has preached the truths from the Bible as stated by the Heavenly Father and who has deposed all who stood against the Bible & Christianity and mocked it. He had the urge to learn about God and to know about Him since the age of 5 years. He had so many questions and doubts which none of the preachers and pastors of that time could explain to him clearly. Unsatisfied with the assuming incomplete inappropriate explanations given to him during his young years, He choose to look only to the Bible and to learn from it himself. From his young age he started to study The Bible categorically with an inquisitorial method by asking why, how, who, etc questions. He carefully studied the Bible for 25 years and gained unprecedented knowledge. He made it a point to make known the truths to the people of the world because he noticed that what was available and preached to the Christian community was not what was intended by the Heavenly Father. In this expedition, he had to encounter so many humiliations, losses and had to overcome many reproaches by many false preachers from the same Christian community and even from others. He has not considered anything for himself or his family all along and has sacrificed his everything for this cause. The outcome of his hardships are what you see listed on this page. May these be the eye openers for today's mankind to lead them to the Heavenly Father to gain eternal life.