About Us

​The Bible Open University India - International for the first time presents to mankind astounding information, more wondrous than the seven wonders, more informative than most modern sciences.

It takes you to hitherto unsolved unknown secrets of the universe unexplored by Galileo Galilee, facts about future of the world which could not be gazed by Nostradamus, unlit myriad hues to Thomas Alva Edison, Biology Prior to the death of Charles Darwin, the communist manifesto copied by Karl Marx, Geocentric Theory which was invalidated even before the birth of Nicholas Copernicus, the world's one and only cynosure website which has been able to counter the established opinion of theists, atheists, rationalists and scientists....

Bible Open University India International - Directors



 One and Only International Challenging and Dynamic Speaker

P.D.Sundararao left his job in Vishakapatnam port trust and started his research on The Bible on 1968. He found the truths of Bible and established a Bible University named Bible Open University India International and in the position of its Director. Proving “BIBLE”-The greatest of all Sciences; Winning over many who speaks false of THE BIBLE & CHRIST; Shutting mouths of great philosophers, Scholars, worlds brilliant debaters & Agnostics people in wide open spaces by defending them. Debating with those who opposes the truth and training thousands of students, challenging the world with the truths he found in the Bible. He also wrote many scientific and biblical subjects. He started a council called AITCC and stays in the position of founder cum president.

Dr & Prof. Lazarus Prasanna Babu

 Joint Director 

Dr. Lazarus Prasanna Babu born in 1975 as a biblical heir Jayashali PD Sundara Rao and proved himself as the versatile challenging and condemning the Anti – Christ who opposed Bible and Christianity. His 20 yrs of excellence in Bible Study show his dignity in explaining the unexplainable from the Bible. He stands the Joint Director of BOUI and Vice President of AITCC. In Enhancing the social activities all over India in his fathers footsteps.

Dr & Prof. M. Johnson Victor

 Joint Director 

Prof.Dr.M.Johnson Victor studied Bible for 25 years,under P.D.Sundararao in Bible Open University India International.Hes a good Bible teacher,a composer,a musician and a songwriter,A mastermind who can convert any subject into a perfect sensed song,so people entitled him “Sangeetha Simha”.